Something isn‘t working on this instance. I can‘t login and don’t know why?!

Somebody knows where the problem is?

@bsm If you're talking about, then I'm pretty sure that Sophie is the admin. Try to raise her at But then again, you did post just now, didn't you?

@avia @sophie

Yes, I mean - There must be some bug, because I can‘t login (web login) anymore. Changed password, tried again to login, always showing same error. Do you know what the problem could be?

@bsm @avia Strange, it is working on my side. Can you try it in a private window so that we can make sure that there is no cache related issue?

@Hiker @avia @sophie iOS-Safari, iOS-Firefox, Windows-Firefox... everywhere the same issue. (private and non-private)

@bsm Strange - no problem from here... Did you try to setup a new account (as test) ? @avia @sophie

@Hiker @avia @sophie must be a problem with 2FA - I activated it in my account. I also activated 2FA on another instance, but there it‘s working.

@bsm @Hiker @avia Yes this is my expectation. I will take care on that toady after work.

@sophie @Hiker @avia Perfect 👍🏻. Thanks and have a good afternoon 🙂

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