My roster feels like a rollercoaster. All these hopes, all these changes, all these missed recencies, all this burnt money for unnecessary training. Will there be another flight ever again? Redundancies over and in our heads. And then the bright future drawn by the management...
Don't make promises you won't live up to.

@fly_it Airlines in the U.S. started a full recall of employees on furlough. AA did as early as January. The problem for them is the need for the 1500 hour people.

We are flooded with ATPLs. Most haven't flown in over a year, so the problem will be to regain their type ratings. Training facilities and TREs have been fully booked during the pandemic even though EASA eased the criteria to stay current.

At this point airlines are still limited by a diversity of Covid laws in European countries. Next year it could be the training volume.

Luckily I still have a license with A320 rating and 5000+h, but I keep failing to stay within 90days.

But I see a lot of former colleagues who have lost their hope for aviation in Germany. Some went to railroad companies as engine drivers, some start over and study at a high school.

Feels bad to see good pilots leave.

@fly_it I knew one who was furloughed from America West and never came back. When I met him, he was a movie projection technician.
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