When vaccinated contact ground on 129.505

@fly_it Is .505 fraction real? I know you guys have 8 1/3 spacing in Europe. So where we have 129.5, 129.525. 129.55, 129.575, you should be having 129.5, 129.508, 129.516, 129.525, etc. Right? Or wrong?

It is. I misread "vacated" from the ATIS, but the frequency is the actual Berlin Ground frequency. The 8.33kHz spacing always ends with 5 or 0, so there are no other odd numbers in the end. Afaik the reason is compatibility with the 25kHz spacing in other regions. We still use the same radios.
So it feels like 129.500, 129.505, 129.515, 129.525, etc.

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