kurzfristige Profitmaximierung, die

“Unter dem Eindruck der Krise ist Lufthansa laut Spohr beim Freiwilligenprogramm über das Ziel hinausgeschossen.”


Höhenmesser am Segelflugzeug tauschen: 10 Minuten schrauben, 1 Stunde Papier. Für die “Sicherheit”.

Rabbit Hole: EASA Regulations.

I just want to know the minimum equipment requirements for specialized operations.

Im in hour two of reading amendments and their amendments.

A long day of flying comes to an end.🛫🪂🛬

Radar was at full capacity today as the holiday season is about to peak. Sorry for blocking RINEX. 🙃

TopGun Maverick - What an awesome and beautiful movie. 😍🛫

Today, weather and mood matched perfectly. Had to ground the plane after we spotted some structural damage within the fuselage. 😔

Maintenance to the rescue please. 👩‍🔧

Time for some (historical but still accurate) Saturday readings.

Accompanied by a fresh sea breeze and lots of sunshine. 🌞🌊🛫

Liebe Segelflieger,
ein paar lieb gemeinte Worte einer Absetzerin: In einer Dropzone fallen Dinge vom Himmel. Meistens Menschen an einem Fallschirm. Wenn die auf euer Flugzeug fallen dann ist der Mensch meistens tot und euer tolles Flugzeug kaputt.

Seid so lieb und fragt die Info am Platz ob Sprungbetrieb ist. Wenn ja, dann ist das meine Dropzone und ihr fliegt bitte drum rum.

Wenn ihr nicht funken wollt oder der Funk kaputt ist, fliegt außen rum.


"Using the latest microprocessor technology [...]" in the context of aviation means having to buy a USB2.0 stick with 4 GB capacity to download the recorded engine performance data.

Transponder Code of the day: 7600

Also referred as: “76 - radio fix”

In other words: Refused to take-off as the radio equipment had sporadic outages.

Ich hab mich reingeschlichen. Meint ihr, hier findet mich jemand? 👩🏻‍✈️🦄

What a wonderful view on our way back home. Greetings from FL85👩🏻‍✈️🛫

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Today I joined the daily from the security queue at the airport. As the connection was bad, the colleagues were unable to understand me.

Colleague 0: „Hey Sophie you are breaking up“
Colleague 1: „I think she’s at the airport“
Colleague 2: „So basically at home.“

My team knows me.

What happens if you put me on a passenger seat you may ask? Well I asked the SFO prior departure for the planned SID.

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