Das Fazit nach 2 Tagen Cross-Country: 3 Flugplätze, 6 Blockstunden, 550NM, viele Herausforderungen, Erfahrungen und tolle Momente, alte Freunde endlich wieder getroffen. Auf das wir uns bald wieder sehen!😍👩🏻‍✈️

Danke auch an meinen Co-Piloten für das klasse Teamwork.

Das wichtigste für meine Mum wenn ich fliegen gehe: Hast du eigentlich auch eine Heizung? Nicht dass dir kalt wird! Hast du warme Socken und soll ich dir einen Tee machen?

Prioritäten - Und irgendwie süß.

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Nach Jahren im Beruf find' ich es immernoch beeindruckend, dass man bei nem Cat IIIb Approach ohne DH, keinerlei visuelle Referenz zum Boden braucht um landen zu können/dürfen.

D.h. man muss nichtmal eine einzige Lampe oder den Boden der Bahn selbst sehen können.

Navigation Log from today's check ride. It was a really nice flight with perfect weather.

Next Stop: PPL (A)

Most important pilot of any glider airfield: The tow pilot.

Thanks for all your service and dedication! 🛫👩🏻‍✈️

Welcome to the skies of Mother Earth 🌍🛫👩🏻‍✈️

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Flying GA in a helmet 

The question of flying a light, personal airplane in a helmet comes up once in a while. As it happens, I have some experience, which I'm going to outline as bullet points for future reference.


You do not need sunglasses and your headset cups always contact your skull properly. You do not need to buy super expensive flying sunglasses with thin temples.
Your chance of head injury is decreased in certain types of crashes (funnily enough I tested that by experience when I flipped the Carlson and smacked the runway with my head). This is particularly welcome by solo backcountry guys.
You can fly airplanes with no interior padding in turbulence, like Cessna 162, where I bloodied my head quite well before the helmet times.
You know who of your fellow pilots are dumb and not to be trusted when they try to make pitiful, inept jokes regarding the matter about which they know nothing.
You never need to lift your glasses in order to look at backlit LCD displays in the panel. Just glance under the visor. So comfy. This only came about as iPads and the like proliferated. Obviously you can see the steam gauges through eyeglasses.


Not all headphones are compatible with helmets, so you choice of modern ANR headsets is limited.
Either you carry an additional piece of luggage, or your flight bag is enormous with a separate compartment. This was always a sticking point for me more than anything, especially on ferry flights where you travel commercial with that helmet. Remember that you have to protect the visor and you don't want to check it in.
If you're tall, you run a risk of scratching canopies in many low wing GA airplanes.

As far as the choice of the helmet, Gentec is designed to save your head when you punch out of F-22. A Gallet helment is more appropriate, I think. But personally, I fly in David Clark K-10, because it's cheap.

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“D-ERFH - DA20, just departed from Walldorf in 2300ft, request traffic information”

“D-FH stay clear of PJE-Zone Walldorf due to PJE”

PF to me: Is there another Walldorf as that we departed from? 😂🧐

Now I can wipe off “Confuse Radar Controller” from my bucket list. ✅

Before you ask, I only requested a transponder check. :pilot:

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