Now I can wipe off “Confuse Radar Controller” from my bucket list. ✅

Before you ask, I only requested a transponder check. :pilot:

You were in contact with a radar controller? Which adventure were you living? VFR night around midsummer? Something about FRA? Flying over FL100?

@fly_it Well the correct term is FIS Specialist. 😋

tend to strictly point out who is an actual certified controller and who isn't. I agree we as cockpit should be aware of the implications. We need to be very careful whom we accept a clearance from as part of our decision making.

"Info" and "Information" assist us in what we do. We should consider them as support rather than guide. Within this field they are stronger than ATC. have time, access to traffic flow predictions & restrictions, weather, overview, phone numbers, …

@fly_it FIS is coordinating clearances with Radar for us. So we as Cockpit can expect some kind of professionalism on the other side as we take coordinated clearances from them.

Today we performed a TRX check after maintenance. This is a standard procedure and should be known on both sides. But during the complete procedure the FIS Specialist switched between English and German within the same transmissions. This is dangerous and unprofessional.

@fly_it I also disagree with you regarding the time. The FIS frequency’s are most of the time full and it is hard to get a slot for your request.

I have no recent experience with German FIS. Last time I called they had more time for individual requests than ATC. If they seem to have time for transponder checks the frequency probably isn't too crowded.

By the way: Would you argue maintenance checks are part of their duty? Actually this is new to me but it feels kind of harsh to call communication "dangerous and unprofessional" when obviously your counterpart doesn't get the point of your request and seeks for clarification.

@fly_it As this aircraft flies under a ATO, a transponder check is mandatory each year after maintenance. And it is the job of Langen Information to confirm the readings of the transponder.

When you have to wait 15 Minutes the frequency can be considered as full.

The procedure is known on both sides. But that’s not my point. I argue that switching languages within the same transmission is dangerous.

I got carried away from my main point: Please don't confuse radar control with flight information service. They perform different jobs and we need to be aware what we can expect.

Of course everybody should adhere to published radiotelephony procedures. AFAIK there is none for transponder checks.

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