Red Bull does a lot of aviation related advertisement. You will see a lot of it at Hangar 7 in Salzburg. Yesterday's waypoint was REDBU.

I love talking names. A very cool waypoint name is UNKUL.

Z12 connects the southwest with eastern Germany. One of its central waypoints is EKPUT.

Your crew food might be made in Würselen, North Rhine Westphalia. Say hi when you pass KENUM.

Yesterday's waypoint was AKASO. I clearly mistook it for AKASU in the descent to Milan.

ROSAB is one of the points in line with BINGU, TUSTO and LANDU that leads you to the Munich transition. Welcome to the most relaxed while busy airport. And as always be prepared for a missed approach. Munich has lots of go arounds because of fog or traffic.

RARUP is a point to approach Hamburg. If you want to see EDDH from the controller's perspective, you can try a little online game:

OBAGA is the first German waypoint on your route from Italy. However you have been under control from Karlsruhe UAC since the Austrian border.

Approaching EMKIL means you haven't been cleared direct to RILAX. Well, prepare for a hold or two. Zürich can be busy and there is little space for traffic between the rising mountains.

ERSIL feels like coming home from Paris for Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin.

BATEL is a handover point from Maastricht to Rhein or Bremen Radar. It is often used on the between Bonn and Berlin. When transferred to Bremen you will be asked to cross BATEL in FL280 or below.

I keep fucking up the dates of solutions. Sorry for the spoilers. Are you still interested in these resolution posts?

We like PODIP. Especially when not too heavy with westerly winds flying to Cologne. If the runway is dry, 06 is often preferred over 14L or 32R. Prepare for a longer taxi depending on your parking position.

Hamburg, when approached from the northwest, has a clearance limit at RIBSO. If you don't get a STAR clearance or vectors by then, please enter the hold.

Why would any flight be cleared direct IDARO?!

N869 airway leads from eastern Germany to the southwest. As a lot of passengers love Mallorca, this is a very busy route. KEGOS is one of it's fixes.

BEFRE was yesterday's waypoint. You will be handed over from Prague to Munich or vice versa.

Yesterday's waypoint BOKNI has a sibling in Papua on the other side of the world. Please take care when entering routes. An unchecked DCT TO might take you into the opposite direction.

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